Your spotify wrapped, but statistical version

About the Project

This project aimed to leverage the spotify web API in order to extract data that you didn't know you even had. The web API offers an immense amount of information about the music you listen to aswell as the specfics of those songs. I happened to take an interest in the my top 50 songs from 3 months, 6 months, and all time. While there is many applications and things to be done, here is one of the cases where I made a radar chart based on your music taste

Development Process

This started with gaining access to your spotify Client ID and setting up OAuth in order to allow maniupulation and data extraction of your account. I gained an understanding by creating playlists from my computer that would automatically upload to my account. Next I decided to pull the top 50 songs and their respective qualites. I then translated the data to JSON format where I created a python program to take the average of all these values. I wanted two types of radar charts, one dynamic to short term, medium term, and long term; and one static one. I averaged all of this data.

Technologies Used

Project Outcomes

Below are the two charts, first is the dynamic chart, the second is the static. **Note** This is only the beginning, there is plenty more to come for this project!


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2