Converts hand-written notes to LaTeX pdf format with option of annotations/solutions

About the Project

I created this project for the purpose of helping me organize my school work and take my note taking to the next level. I noticed I had a hard time re reading through my notes in heavey math and physics classes, especially ones where the context was most important. So I created this to essentially save time going out and searching for explanations on formulas, proofs, and solutions.

Development Process

This app is a local program that allows you to upload 3 photos at a time, they are then feed into Google Visions OCR. Next, I utilize openAIs API twice in order to generate a proper latex file. One to comprhend the broken down version of the notes, and the other to create a latex format specfically to your liking and based on the type of content. You are prompted with two inputs, the wizard which helps clarify which topic your are covering, and the types of notes which helps determine what you want out of your pdf document. it generates the pdf as well as the .tex file and .log file in a seperate folder if you have any wishes to modify it.

Technologies Used

Project examples

Below are two examples on how this model and differ depending on your input, here is the photo used as the input

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